tisdag 16 juli 2019

måndag 17 juni 2019

More pics!!!!!

I have wood panelled walls now

Can you guess now?

måndag 10 juni 2019

New project 1:24 scale!!! Can you guess?

I have begun a new project in 1:24 scale 
Can you guess what it shall be? 

måndag 29 april 2019


I have made some roses in old colors

söndag 3 mars 2019


I have been remaking my winter shop to a
flower shop instead.

I started to rough it a little bit and have some branches to 
make it a little more cosy.
I have done the little tree with a wooden pot
 and the Echeveria in wooden box. 
The Florist sign, found a little flower at the net,
and made it smaller and rotated it and then waited the
letters and made it shabby.
Wooden boxes and the lantern are of wood.
Greenhouse inside the window is paper.

Hydrangea in large pot are from Mette in
Hydarangeas in basket are from 
Evas Miniatyrer
Roses between lantern and light house 
are made of paper

All these flowers have I got from Yukari in Japan
and the wrench have I done of wire
and then painted it 

And then we go inside shop

Judas silver pennings are made
 of window envelopes 
and wire

Bougainvilla is from 
Marias miniatyrer
Plant table is made of wood.
And I have led lights just under the roof.

Flower pots at the shelf are paper
Birdhouse of wood

Roof is paper and painted with 
acrylic paint 

I hope you liked my newest. project
Have a nice day making 

tisdag 19 februari 2019

Winter shop!

I have made a shop that I can change the different seasons
Here is the winter shop 

måndag 11 februari 2019

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine´s Day

tisdag 1 januari 2019

Gas station abandoned! Almost Ready

Now I have almost finished my 
abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere
I say so because you can always lay more details to a project.