onsdag 4 november 2020

Garden shed!

Garden house is ready
it is a rustic style
this time

Grass is artificial
earth is dried coffee grounds
Real stones
Real dried plants

House is for sale in my Etsy shop:


måndag 26 oktober 2020

Design and Interior shop outside!

Here is a little Halloween greetings
from Britt


onsdag 21 oktober 2020

Design & Interior shop!

My Design & Interior shop is now open

Room box I have help from my sambo, he cut the

window out for me

The door has I bought and the painted it


I have made a pedestrian, door step and sign

Industrial lamp are made of tooth brush tubes

                                                                   To the left is a drawer,

                                                           painted and handled with new handles

                                   In the back is a shop with many drawers, which I bought last year 

at the Stockholm miniature fair

But all other furniture I have made
Lights are on

I coming back with outside photos


söndag 11 oktober 2020

My café is ready!!!!

My café is open at two sides

Look from the door opening

 Also a micro wave oven

2 lights under the menu sign

2 tables with stools

At the back you have a switch for the lights
and a door you can open, so you can
change battery

Sidewalk sign

2 light under the menu sign, 
so they have lights when they are
sitting drinking coffee 

4 lights over the coffee bar

You can also order cake, and here is
 a Swedish princess cake in the box

Many cakes, pie and cookies to choose
 from the glass counter

   2 bar stools

One lamp over the working space

Different coffee, tea and cookies
Glass, mugs and plates

Lights in evening

I hope that you enjoy my café
Seen you soon with another project
I am working on

tisdag 29 september 2020

New project!


My new project is????

Can you guess?

onsdag 22 juli 2020

Hello Kitty Display room 1:12 scale!

I have now made a Hello Kitty room
from scratch
and it is for sale in my Etsy shop:


                           And if you want to make awnings,
I have made a

template and also 3 different awning 
in photos
 You can find it in my Etsy shop

 And if you want to make a

room like this you can buy and download my
lampshades, boxes, card, gift bags
and wrapping paper

I hope that you all are well
Many hugs 
from Britt