fredag 3 april 2020

House project ready!

Now my house is ready, but 
you can always make some more 
to the exterior 

Dried flowers in the planter box

Tree is a real dried plant

Battery led operated chandelier
battery hidden in the chimney

Wallpaper can you buy here in my shop:

Here is light in night

tisdag 31 mars 2020

tisdag 24 mars 2020

New house roof

Now is roof ready
next gonna be path way

tisdag 3 mars 2020

New project house!

Now I have begun with a new little house
This time in paper board

Here can you see one of my wall papers 
You can find it here,
in my Etsy shop:

Wooden floor with white paint

 It is open up to the ridge of the roof

tisdag 11 februari 2020

New Project!

I bought this VW beetle

I have rusted and destroyed it

I have begun to make a fence

 Tree has begun to grow in the shed 
and destroy

You can find a slideshow
at my Youtube channel

Its for sale on my Etsy shop:

Many thanks for visiting my blog

söndag 9 februari 2020

Mini landscape and train!

I have made a landscape to 
my little train with rails, which 
I bought a long time ago

tisdag 4 februari 2020

Some miniatures!

I have made a little wooden train

A little mini house

onsdag 22 januari 2020