tisdag 11 februari 2020

New Project!

I bought this VW beetle

I have rusted and destroyed it

I have begun to make a fence

 Tree has begun to grow in the shed 
and destroy

You can find a slideshow
at my Youtube channel

Its for sale on my Etsy shop:

Many thanks for visiting my blog

söndag 9 februari 2020

Mini landscape and train!

I have made a landscape to 
my little train with rails, which 
I bought a long time ago

tisdag 4 februari 2020

Some miniatures!

I have made a little wooden train

A little mini house

onsdag 22 januari 2020

fredag 10 januari 2020

New Year! New project!

I have made house from card board boxes 

Tiles are from egg boxes

Trees are real plants

Lights inside

onsdag 1 januari 2020

tisdag 24 december 2019

lördag 30 november 2019

Motorcycle garage is ready!

Hi everyone!
Now is the motorcycle garage is
finally ready
I shall only have some guys
working there

Lights are on, in the garage

Old Indian motorcycle is parking 

Now we take a little peek

And now a little more

Fluorescent lamps

Here is making of a new chopper

Fire syringe 
Gas cart with tubes

Having a Big Mac meal
and some coffee

Dirty sink

Shelf with parts

Tools and working


Copper roof 

Back side of garage 

It is time to go home for now

Leaving fire exit lamp on

And here can you see a film
on Youtube: