söndag 23 januari 2022

Paper shop!

Today I have begun to make
a paper shop
In future its gonna be a
hobby and paper shop
but it is a huge project
so I wanted to show you
how I have made so far!
I have so many projects on going
at same time


torsdag 23 december 2021

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year

wishes Britt


onsdag 17 november 2021

Making it old! And a opinion???

I have made back wall, and  the whole house dirty

Then ii is time to making the base 
with gravel and grass, but I am not 
so pleased with it!
What do you think?


måndag 15 november 2021


I have using magnets for roof

and then I don't needed glue the


fredag 12 november 2021

More photos of my new project!

I have made the windows now of
plastic and wooden sticks
Back wall is plastered


söndag 7 november 2021

New project!


Here is my new little project!

Can you guess what it gonna be?


söndag 25 juli 2021

Cupboard filled with things!

I have painted this cupboard  with chalk paint 

and  then decoupaged

I have filled it with Peter Rabbit things
and if you want to make your own, 
you can find them here:

And here you can find cupboard filled:

fredag 21 maj 2021

Old street more photos!

Now I shall begin with the street surface
so that will be
a lot of work


lördag 24 april 2021

Old street!

Now I have come lit further with the Old street
I have used egg carton
for facades
Plastic from plastic packaging for the
the bars are made of strips of paper
And here are stairs
made of paper board
 I hope you enjoy and can inspire to use 
recycling materials

torsdag 8 april 2021

New project:

I have started a new huge project 
a few months ago 
An old street in 1:24 scale
with shops
I am using old packages
plastic to windows
I  think it comes to be much hours
on this project
I hope you enjoy me in this project


fredag 2 april 2021

Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter!

I hope that you all are well,
I really appreciate
your comments
on my blog
and hopefully
more to see
in future

fredag 26 mars 2021

Beach house porch !!!


                                                                Here is my porch   
                                                       Hanging lamp has Rolf done, all
                                                            other things have I done 
                                                                except plant and fruit

And here with surfing board

torsdag 25 mars 2021

Beach house in evening!

                                                   I show you how it's like when lights are on