söndag 14 augusti 2022

Glass Jars!

I made a little shelf with glass jars


tisdag 28 juni 2022

Rips rug!

I have made a rips rug 
for my beach house kitchen


fredag 10 juni 2022

Miniature pots!

I have painted some 

 I made this farmhouse inspired
shelf of wooden strips

fredag 29 april 2022

New birdhouse in lantern!

I made a another birdhouse


måndag 25 april 2022

New floor lamp in beach house!

I have made a floor lamp for
my beach house


fredag 15 april 2022


I found this lantern in flea market
2 years ago.
And now I have tried to make 
a interior in it.
There is very little 
space to make 
but here is make first


fredag 4 mars 2022

Old street! More photos!

It took a long time to make

the base of egg carton


stairs of paper board and covered

with putty and paint


tisdag 15 februari 2022

Flowershop small!


My little flower shop

My flower collection:
Some are bought and others
are from a swap

I am not good making flowers, 
but these are made by me

torsdag 27 januari 2022

Another shelf!

 I have made another shelf for
my paper shop
of paper board

söndag 23 januari 2022

Paper shop!

Today I have begun to make
a paper shop
In future its gonna be a
hobby and paper shop
but it is a huge project
so I wanted to show you
how I have made so far!
I have so many projects on going
at same time