lördag 12 mars 2011

Hatmakerstreet updated

I will show more pictures of my first house on my street shop,
Hatmaker Street, the neighborhood Shoemaker.
It has taken many years to complete, but now it's finally done.

You can also see pictures from a previous post.
I have designed it and
I have received help in crafting the house of my boyfriend.
It is he who has made ​​a hat store's two large cabinets with space for hats.
The top floor is a kitchen to the right of the picture, in my living room and bedroom on the left.
It is the old lady who owns a hat shop, who lives in the apartment.
In the ground there is a hat shop and a combined shoe and handbag shop.

Here is the kitchen.

I have done the entire interior myself.

Parade towel, chairs which, the runner on the table
the carpet on the floor,
I have
Rocking chair mats are a friend embroidered by my instructions.
Rocking chair, plate rack, flowers and cats are bought,
Wood basket and the little rug at the door, I have also done.

Here is the living room.
The small cabinet at the window, table and chairs are purchased,
but the chairs which I have embroidered.

All other furniture I have made ​​even the stove.
Here is the bedroom.
I have made all the furniture except wicker chair in the foreground.
I have also crocheted bedspread on the bed.
More pictures are coming soon.

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  1. Enhorabuena por el trabajo que has hecho (tambien a tu novio jeje).
    La casita es una verdadera preciosidad, me encantan todos los detalles.
    besitos ascension

  2. ooooo i love it...more pics more pics!! :D Linda x

  3. Just perfect and I have to agree with Linda...we want to see more!!!!

  4. So lovely house, furnitures and allstaff what's in the dollhouse.
    - jaana-

  5. Britt ¡Es una casa hermosa!!!Y cada cosa que hay dentro!!!

  6. So cozy! You did an amazing job!

  7. Hello Britt! Everything looks so beautiful. You have such a nice house.

  8. congratulations! Your work is awesome! I admire your patience and workmanship. I am your follower from now on.

  9. OH! Wow! I love your work. Perfect! Congratulations for you and your boyfriend. Hugs

  10. Que cocina más hermosa!!!!! ¡Me encanta!!!
    Y el oso tejido que está en la entrada al blog ¡Me fascina!!!!!!! ( =
    Un abrazo