onsdag 3 april 2013


Let´s go inside the house

The little bouquet with flowers have I embroidered with
knots and with mouliné yarn
(It´s it is really a necklace, 
but I think it fits like a painting in the house)

If there is anyone who likes it,
I can sell it or I have also more colors to choose from

The day bed have I made of wood and the round pillow I have
crocheted of cotton yarn
And the little chair have I done from recycling things

 I have built kitchen desk of wood and painted it with
rustic color
 I found a photo on rug in an interior magazine
and then embroidered it after the photo

I have embroidered cloth on the table
and the metal tins in the window are made of metal tea lights

I hope you enjoy the tour round the house


6 kommentarer:

  1. Du har lavet en rigtig hyggelig lille hus her. Så fint dekoreret. Det ville være dejligt at kunne holde sine ferier i dette hus. Fint lavet.

  2. Jättefint alltihopa. Mina favoriter är mattorna, jättefina verkligen! Hannah

  3. Thank you for the tour! Everything looks so pretty and cozy. I love the round flower pillow on the sofa. Greetings!

  4. Hej! Vilken trevlig blogg du har! Du gör mycket fint =)


  5. It's so cute! Very cozy too. I love how you arranged it. This little house is so fun. I love the outside I love the inside- it's so darling!

  6. It's really lovely, so pretty and inviting.