måndag 15 december 2014

Christmas shop new project!

I have tried to arrange my Christmas things in a shelf so I can see how big 
I shall build the shop 
Always when I make something it´s attend to be too small 

I have a little modern touch in the shop to the right, with a little
unusual colors for a little more modern styled Christmas

I have made all things you can see here, also all Christmas tree decorations,
 except the round table, 
basket in background and Christmas tree

Green wreath have I bought and the two Santa are a gift from a friend

Bench and cushion with star are bought 
and advent calendar are from a swap last year

Christmas goat have I crocheted

Some of the things can you find in m etsy shop


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  1. Everything looks very nice, hope it will fit wel in a shop. Merry christmas and happy new year