söndag 24 januari 2016

Country kitchen!

Here is my country kitchen

All rugs you are seeing are designed and embroidered by me

I have done all the furnitures,
except the rocking chair and the preparing table

Wreath, door mat and the cat are made by me

The long fabric in the kitchen dresser I have designed and embroidered

The table mats are my own design
and also the chars seats

The rose pillow is designed by me with ribbon embroidery
Duck pillow have I embroidered after a real patten and I have
only used a finer fabric

Towel shelf have I made of wood and 
the towel hanger is a real pattern from a refrigerator magnet
but I have used a finer fabric

Lamp in the window, is jewelry, paper and fabric
Jug is paper, and the box with flour are wood
all made by me

Marble mortar is from real Kolmården marble and turned by hand

The little match box have I made of paper

All food have I bought under a couple of years

Sugar pretzels have I done of Cernit clay and after 
baking have I got some watercolor and spray glue and salt,
so you can imagine it´s sugar
and dish is paper

Aluminum mold I made of real aluminum foil

Underlay the coffee pot, is made of wire
and the jug with flowers is from a give-away I have won

All things that are embroidered
and also the marble mortar, 
sugar pretzels 
are for sale
Please contact me by e-mail

if you are interested


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