lördag 26 augusti 2017

Rose Cottage Custom Dollhouse

I call the house "Rose Cottage"and I have finally 
ended it
The outside of veranda is wood with roof looks
as steel and rest of the house
it´s plastered with concrete so it´s looks as a 
stone house with shingles I have cut out of veneer
The size is 11 D x 15,7 W x 19,2 H inch or
28 cm D x 40 cm W x 49 cm H
and the whole base is 19,2 x 19,2 inch
or 40 x 40 cm

All my roses are made of napkins and then painted with water color

Stair are made of wood and the path of egg carton

Mail box and chair is  made of wood strips

Wreath is made of wire and then painted
with white acrylic paint 

There is a mouse living under the stair

There is a little bird cage on the wall

And the house is unconnected just now
They have too call electricians

There are valves 

Window screens are made of paper and wood strips
and then painted with acrylic paint

There is a bird nest up under the roof

Here is the attic with paper boxes and frame
and bag of fabric
Bed is made of wood 

Pillow is ribbon embroidery and little shiny pearls
Bed side table is of wood and candle light are pearls
Chest of drawer is decoupaged
Fan is made of paper and lace

Mannequin is made of fabric and polyfill 
Dress is fabric and lace
Basket is made of egg carton and yarn 
Sign with roses is painted with acrylic

Downstairs is kitchen and living room

Mixer and cake are of polymer clay
Candle chandelier are wire
Owen can open and there is a plate inside
 and bench made of wood
Rug is decoupaged on fabric and the edges are ribbon

Birdcage made of wire and filled with real dried flowers

Chair is made of paperboard an fabric
Table, birdhouse and mirror are decoupaged
I have crocheted the star rug with cotton yarn
Mantel is made of wood and book and bunting is paper
Candle stand are of wood and candle is real 
There is a magazine stand with magazines

Umbrella stand with umbrella
Table of wood with pot full of roses

I hope that you enjoyed it and are ready to move in
and it´s for sale in my Etsy shop

5 kommentarer:

  1. Dearest Britt,
    Wow, you are such an incredible artist and all those tiny details of real life things... Love the mouse under the stairs and the bird nest under the roof.
    Of course the interior is so adorable!
    Sending you hugs for late summer.

  2. Hej Britt. Det er en mega charmerende hus du har bygget, jeg er vild med det. Så hyggelig og lys indretning, det giver en lyst til at gå rundt og udforske, bare jeg kunne gøre mig lille og bo i dit hus.
    Knus Wyrna

  3. Hola Britt.
    Gracias por tu visita.
    No conocía tu blog y tienes unos trabajos maravillosos.
    Un abrazo

  4. Everything about this house is adorable! So pretty and shabby in the best possible way. Love the bird's nest in the eaves. A lovely detail. :)