lördag 30 november 2019

Motorcycle garage is ready!

Hi everyone!
Now is the motorcycle garage is
finally ready
I shall only have some guys
working there

Lights are on, in the garage

Old Indian motorcycle is parking 

Now we take a little peek

And now a little more

Fluorescent lamps

Here is making of a new chopper

Fire syringe 
Gas cart with tubes

Having a Big Mac meal
and some coffee

Dirty sink

Shelf with parts

Tools and working


Copper roof 

Back side of garage 

It is time to go home for now

Leaving fire exit lamp on

And here can you see a film
on Youtube:

5 kommentarer:

  1. Dearest Britt,
    This is really incredible to have created this all in miniature form! WOW.
    Love the compressor and the radiator. Also that dirty sink...
    Sending you hugs and wishing for a happy weekend!

  2. How nice, I am also working on a motor garage and will finish it around Christmas. A wonderful project to work on ...
    Your garage is also finished in detail. Magnificent!

  3. Felicidades.
    Es una escena maravillosa.
    Algún día haré una para mi hijo.....no se cuando. JIJJI
    Un saludo

  4. Super fun to look at, Britt! Love all of the details!

  5. BRAVO!!!
    Your motorcycle repair shop has ALL the tiny details that indicate that this mechanic Really Knows his Stuff!
    The Big Mac meal and the coffee, make perfect sense!