onsdag 17 november 2021

Making it old! And a opinion???

I have made back wall, and  the whole house dirty

Then ii is time to making the base 
with gravel and grass, but I am not 
so pleased with it!
What do you think?


3 kommentarer:

  1. The flower shop is looking so cute. One suggestion is to think about the role of humans if they were in the scene. There would be a path of gravel where people approach the door. The grass would be thicker against the shop as you have it. You might also add some “rocks” that would also protect the grass from being trampled.

  2. Very authentic, Britt! I love the look you've achieved!

  3. El aspecto es bueno Britt, lo único que yo añadiría es algo más de vegetación en algunas zonas simulando algún pequeño arbusto ,una zona de ladrillos de piedra, no sé cómo decirte, variar el suelo con distintas zonas para que no quede todo tan llano. Algo como lo que te dice Sherrill.